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Islamic Poetry by a Sister in Islam
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Names of Allah

The most compassionate is one of his names (Ar-Rahman)
That is what the true believer proclaims
The Most Merciful another name of our lord (Ar-Rahim)
Hearing these names in my heart strikes a chord

The Absolute Ruler and The Pure is he (Al-Malik, Al-Quddus)
And he has many more just listen to me
The Source of Peace and The inspirer of Faith (As-Salam, Al-Mu'min)
Our believe in him leads us on the path that is straight

He is The Guardian and The Victorious too (Al-Muhaymin, Al-'Aziz)
The Compeller and The Greatest but this is nothing new (Al-Jabbar, Al-Mutakabbir)
The Creator is another beautiful name (Al-Khaliq)
For our lord has many and none is the same

The Maker of Order and The Shaper of Beauty (AlBari', Al-Musawwir)
To worship Allah that is our duty
He is The Forgiving and The Subduer to (Al-Ghaffar, Al-Qahhar)
And he has many more I will tell them to you

The Giver of All and The Sustainer are his (Al-Wahhab, Ar-Razzaq)
Just open your hearts and listen to this
TheOpener, The Knower of All and The Constrictor (Al-Fattah, Al-'Alim, Al-Qabid)
Who truthfully believes will be in Jannah as victor

The Reliever, The Abaser and The Exalter are more (Al-Basit, Al-Khafid, Ar-Rafi')
And also The Bestower of Honours and The Humiliator (Al-Mu'izz, Al-Mudhill)
He is The Hearer and The Seer of All (As-Sami, Al-Basir)
The Judge and The Just if I can recall (Al-Hakam, Al-'Adl)

The Subtle one will be the next name in line (Al-Latif)
And The All Aware and The Forbearing are also thine (Al-Khabir, Al-Halim)
We go on to another and The Magnificent it is (Al-'Azim)
If you live by his rule nothing will go amiss

With The Forgiver and Hider of Faults we'll go on (Al-Ghafur)
And The Rewarder of Thankfulness and still I'm not done (Ash-Shakur)
The Highest, The Great and the Preserver it's true (Al-'Ali, Al-Kabir, Al-Hafiz)
The Nourisher and The Accounter to know them all I pursue (Al-Muqit, Al-Hasib)

The Watchful One and The Responder to Prayer (Ar-Raqib, Al-Mujib)
And with The All Comprehending we're nearly halfway there (Al-Wasi')
We still have The Perfectly Wise, The Loving and The Majestic One (Al-Hakim, Al-Wadud, Al-Jalil)
The Resurrector and The Witness he can not be outdone (Al-Ba'ith, Ash-Shahid)

The Truth, The Trustee and The Possessor of All Strength (Al-h Haqq, Al-Wakil, Al-Qawi)
The Forceful One, The Governor I can go on at length (Al-Matin, Al-Wali)
The Praised one, The Apraisser and The Originator (Al-Hamid, Al-Muhsi, Al-Mubdi)
The Restorer, The Giver of Life and still I have more (Al-Mu'id, Al-Muhyi)

The Taker of Life and The Ever Living One (Al-Mumit, Al-Hayy)
I will continue a bit longer until I am done
The Self Existing One, The Finder and The Glorious (Al-Qayyum, Al-Wajid, Al-M?jid)
I have to admit writing this is laborious

The Only One, The One and The Satisfier of all needs (Al-Wahid, Al-Ahad, As-Samad)
He knows how me live and knows all good and bad deeds
He is The All Powerful and The Creator of All Power (Al-Qadir, Al-Muqtadir)
He is the one you'll call to in your final hour

He is The Expediter and The Delayer (Al-Muqaddim, Al-Mu'akhkhir)
He is the one we turn to in every prayer
He is The First and The Last all praise be to him (Al-Awwal, Al-Akhir)
Without him in your life it would be so grim

The Manifest One and The Hidden One is he (Az-Zahir, Al-Batin)
The Proctecting Friend and The Supreme One you see (Al-Wali, Al-Muta'ali)
The Doer of Good and The Guide to Repentance (Al-Barr, At-Tawwib)
With joy in my heart I write every sentence

The Avenger and The Forgiver, to write this is no chore (Al-Muntaqim, Al-Afu)
The Clement, The Owner of All, names you can't ignore (Ar-Ra'uf, Malik Al-Mulk)
The Lord of Majesty and Bounty oh how I praise you (Dhul-Jalaliwal-ikram)
Upon learning about Allah my life started anew

And now The Equitable One and The Gatherer (Al-Muqsit, Al-Jami)
I love all of them equal and none I prefer
The Rich One, The Enricher and The Preventer of Harm (Al-Ghani, Al-Mughni, Al-Mani')
Let me think for a minute, but no cause for alarm

The Creator of the Harmful and The Creator of Good (Ad-Darr, An-Nafi)
I hope what i've written will be understood
With The Light, The Guide and The Originator we'll continue (An-Nur, Al-hadi, Al-Badi)
I can feel the strength of this belief in every sinew

After The Everlasting One we are almost there (Al-Baqi)
I should make no mistakes and write this with care
The Inheritor of All and The Righteous Teacher CAl-Warith, Ar-Rashid)
That leaves just one more that I now should feature

The last of his names is great as are all
It is The Patient One as you all will recall (As-Sabur)
And by doing this we might find a reward
Qull huwa Allah hu ahad, Allah hu samad, Lam yalid Wa lam youlad, Wa lam yakoun lahu koufwan ahad
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