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Islamic Poetry by a Sister in Islam
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My Choice

I was made a Christian before I could walk
I was too small to protest to young to talk
I was taken to church to listen and sit
To listen to preachers and not question it

I aged some more and wanted to ask
The reason weíre here what is our task?
So I got up and asked with fear in my voice
I was afraid but I made my choice

All of a sudden they started to scream
And said you be quiet and donít you blaspheme
I got send home from church that day
I lost my belief but continued to pray

I went to church with my family a few years more
Then my grandfather died and that closed the door
I stopped going to church but in god I believed
But by the priests in the church I felt deceived

My questions unanswered all of these years
Nobody could answer or so it appears
One day I heard talking about this religion, Islam
A friend was explaining patiently and calm

I had so many questions but was afraid to ask
For my friend I know this was a great task
All words that were spoken burned into my soul
At last I heard truth and this made my heart whole

I now started to ask still feeling some fear
Afraid if it would again be screaming Iíll hear
But I was amazed at the answers I got
Not just empty words but proof from our god

He called him Allah, Subhana WaTa'ala
And he talked about prayer and about dua
After years of wandering I finally came home
I now found the truth no more need to roam

I chose this religion without any force
After reading these words that came from the source
The words from Allah pure and high is he
Are the words I will live by that is enough for me
Qull huwa Allah hu ahad, Allah hu samad, Lam yalid Wa lam youlad, Wa lam yakoun lahu koufwan ahad
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