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Islamic Poetry by a Sister in Islam
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I wake up early before the start of the day
I go to the kitchen and make something to eat
In one hour it will be time for Fajr and Iíll pray
After prayer Iíll start fasting and I will not cheat

Today I wonít eat or drink nor fight and lie
My intention are to please Allah Alone
Sometimes it gets hard and I might let out a sigh
But I know pleasing Allah you can not postpone

I feel full of energy and I am filled with joy
Even when it gets hard I donít need food or drink
I am amazed that fasting is something I enjoy
Because pleasing Allah is the best , donít you think?

The day passes and itís not as easy anymore
My mind gets drawn to pictures of drinks and food
So I try to distract myself from it by finding a chore
And still Iím amazed about my energy and good mood

So far this day my thoughts have been pure
And I did not argue or attempt to fight
I start to imagine what the poor have to endure
Blessed am I by Allah for this insight

I look outside and I know soon the sun will set
Just one more hour, the time for Maghrib is near
I read some Qurían because itís not time yet
This helps me focus and it keeps my mind clear

I hear the Athan itís time to break my fast
I make duía and happiness makes my heart soar
Iím amazed about this day and how quick it passed
This feeling inside me Iíve never felt before

I pray and soon after it is time to eat
It fills my heart with joy and my stomach with food
Every taste of food or drink is a true threat
I will fast more so once more by this feeling Iíll be imbued

So I will say this unto all who truly believe
Fast and you will see what I said here is true
To please Allah is what we all want to achieve
And to please Allah is what Iíll always pursue
Qull huwa Allah hu ahad, Allah hu samad, Lam yalid Wa lam youlad, Wa lam yakoun lahu koufwan ahad
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