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How to recite Al-Fatiha Video for Smartphones
(android, iPhone, etc)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

Available File Formats: 2,607KB Al-Fatiha.3gp , 697KB Al-Fatiha.Avi , 569KB Al-Fatiha.flv , 566KB Al-Fatiha.mov
625KB Al-Fatiha.mp4 , 847KB Al-Fatiha.mp3 , 661 Al-Fatiha.rmvb , 3,563KB Al-Fatiha.wmv

I took a screen shot from the original location from another website, got the audio of Al-Fatiha and added a slight pause after each verse by recording it directly from the main source.  The screenshots are not perfect, but since i wasn't able to find anything like this, now i know where to find it.  Alhamdulilah.
You may have to go to google play to download a free media player that can play one of the above formats on your smartphone.  The MP3 is for those who want it, as it has pauses.
Qull huwa Allah hu ahad, Allah hu samad, Lam yalid Wa lam youlad, Wa lam yakoun lahu koufwan ahad
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The original image is below.  If you'd like to add it to your smartphone to learn how to recite Al-Fatiha.
The source for the swf (flash) came from mounthira.com